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What does our company do?   Service of Process and other court services are among the services provided by American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc.

What is Service of Process?  Service of process is the procedure of giving legal notice of a pending court proceeding. The notice is provided by delivering a set of court documents to an individual named in the law suit, usually the Defendant.

What are Court Services?  Court Services include researching court documents, obtaining transcripts, copying court files, and filing legal documents with the court clerk. Court filing is the process in which parties to a lawsuit submit legal documents to the clerk of the court at the designated court that has jurisdiction to hear the matter. Usually a filing fee is paid when the initial documents are filed which is part of court costs.

How long does it take to serve an individual?  Generally, American Eagle allows 7-10 business days for routine service to be effected and an additional 7-10 days to prepare the Proof of Service or Declaration and obtain the signature of the registered process serving agent who attempted the service. Services in which the Defendant is evading typically take longer as well as services outside our local area and state, which usually take the maximum amount of time simply because the documents must be mailed to the process serving agent and once completed, the agents original signature must be obtained on the Proof of Service or Declaration and mailed back to our office in order for it to be returned to the client.

What are the costs for services?  Court Filing: the fees for filing your legal documents vary depending on the city in which the court is located. The fees charged by American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc. do not include the fees required by the court. Please contact our office for a quote.

Service of Process: the fees for serving your legal documents vary depending on the city / state in which service is to be attempted, the number of defendants to be served, the number of cases to be served and the number of addresses to be attempted. American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc. charges per address / defendant, giving a ½ price discount for each of the following:

  • each additional case per defendant
  • each additional defendant per address

Please contact our office for a quote.

How many attempts are made to serve an individual?  Our servers are instructed to make as many attempts as necessary in order to accomplish 1 of 3 objectives:

  • Effect Personal service (or Substitute service when applicable)
  • Verify an address to be bad (defendant not a resident, moved, or residence is vacant)
  • Upon request of client, service is cancelled and American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc. stops working the paper and returns an Affidavit of Non-Service to the client.

Where do we serve process?  American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc. serves process throughout the Continental United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.